Wednesday, May 23, 2012

8 Tips for Memorial Day

8 Tips for Memorial Day 

It’s hard to believe that Memorial Day is right around the corner but yet on Monday, May 28th 2012 many of us will be gathering with our family and friends to celebrate. Here are 8 tips for creating a memorable holiday gathering:

Sun Protection:
If you and your guests will be spending Memorial Day outside, make sure you have plenty of sunscreen available and that you encourage frequent application. Additionally, set up shaded areas for guests to get out of the direct sun during the peak hours of the day. The temperatures will be well over 100 degrees this Memorial Day so proper sun protection is an essential key to having a good time!

Water Safety:
If your party plans include water, whether it is a pool or the lake, make sure you and your guests follow good water safety. A great idea for a pool party is to have an assigned “life guard” on duty – ask your guests to take turns being the responsible party to watch the guests, especially the little ones while they are in the pool. Never let your guests swim in the pool alone and never leave kids unattended! If you will be at the lake, make sure there are plenty of life jackets for everyone on the boat.

Have designated driver:
If you will be serving alcohol at your Memorial Day celebration, make sure your guests get home safely by having a designated driver or calling a taxi. The sun intensifies the effects of alcohol so make sure your guests don’t consume more than they should and that they stay hydrated with plenty of water.

Memorial Day for the pets:
If you have pets or pets are on your invitation list, make sure you have plenty of fresh water and available shade for them. If you’ll have more than one furry friend visiting, make sure they will play nice with all the guest, including the other pets and kids.

Proper food handling:
No one wants to get food poisoning – period. Make sure you’re holiday food dishes are covered under an umbrella or patio area and do not let food stay out for more than one or two hours – especially foods containing mayonnaise, milk and eggs. Cooked meat, fruits and veggies can go bad too so it is best to cover and refrigerate. Always wash surfaces with disinfectant and keep raw meats in separate containers to avoid contamination.

Water, water, water!
In the Arizona heat, our bodies need lots of water. Dehydration can happen quickly – if you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated! Make sure you have plenty of bottled water and/or sports drinks available for your guests. If you are serving alcohol, having plenty of water is imperative for any Memorial Day celebration.

Give your guests a flag:
Memorial Day is a time to remember the men and women who have died while serving our great country – the American Flag is a renowned symbol of our freedom. What a great way to create a lasting memory for your guests by giving them their own flag on this special day.

Take time to remember:
Memorial Day was originated after the American Civil War as a way for us to honor and pay respect for those individuals who selflessly gave their lives during the Civil War. Today, the holiday has been extended to honor all American’s who have died in all wars. As we mark another year in our great country’s history, take time to remember those who have fallen to preserve and protect our freedoms.

From my family to yours, I wish you all a very happy, healthy and safe Memorial Day celebration! Luisa

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